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Nouvago Capital investment Medicine hits the Swedish box office no. 1

On August 29th the feature movie Medicine premiered at Swedish cinemas across the country and hits the Swedish box office as number 1. The viewing figures from the opening week of Medicine shows that this is another great success made by director Colin Nutley.

Medicine is loosely based on Hans Koppels novel of the same name. The movie is produced by Petra Jönsson from Sweetwater and directed by Colin Nutley. The cast include some of Sweden's best actors, such as Helena Bergström, Ewa Fröling, Maria Lundqvist, Katarina Ewerlöf, Cecilia Forss, Susanne Thorson, Petra Mede, Peter Eggers och Thomas Hanzon. Nouvago Capital is one of the investors in Medicine. This is the first time Nouvago Capital works together with director Colin Nutley. It feels great that so many people have chosen to watch the movie during the opening weekend. Colin Nutley is one of Swedens most beloved directors. Hopefully we will get the chance to do more projects together, says Frank Bonn, CEO Nouvago Capital.


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