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Nouvago Capital invests in Helena Bergström's upcoming movie En underbar jävla jul (A Holy Mess)

Swedish award winning actress-writer-director Helena Bergström's En underbar jävla jul (A Holy Mess) is her forth film. Award winning actors Robert Gustafsson and Maria Lundqvist, among others, play the leads in the warm comedy about the modern family life and how tolerant Swedish society actually is.

En underbar jävla jul (A Holy Mess) is a warm comedy about a young couple, Simon and Oscar, both in their 20s. Together with their girlfriend, Cissi, they have bought a house in Bromma, outside Stockholm. Cissi is nine months pregnant, but who is the father Simon or Oscar? Nevertheless, come what may, they are going to start a family. They haven't revealed the secret to their families yet, but they realize that they cannot keep it hidden anymore, and what time could be better to disclose the truth than Christmas night the feast of tolerance, the day when everybody loves one another and is pleasant to each other, the birthday of Jesus.

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