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Peter Dalle presents a brilliant, hilariously funny look at modern life – LYRRO – Ut&Invandrarna

23 years after the first screening of the cult movie YRROL: En kolossalt genomtänkt film filming is due to start on the independent follow-up LYRRO – UT&INVANDRARNA. The sketch-like, full-length comedy is to be directed by Peter Dalle, who also wrote the script, and produced by Patrick Ryborn of Unlimited Stories. Starring in the main roles are original members of the Lorry Gang such as Suzanne Reuter, Johan Ulveson and Claes Månsson, and prominent new additions including Björn Gustafsson, Nour El Refai, Henrik Dorsin and Sanna Sundqvist. LYRRO – UT&INVANDRARNA is being shot at locations from Aruba to Gothenburg, with countrywide cinema screenings scheduled for 2018.

"With LYRRO – UT&INVANDRARNA I want to portray a contemplation of modern life on the search of people for greener grass on the other side. People are constantly travelling, flying here and there, and wandering all over the globe. This movie asks the question whether we really become better human beings by living in some other place far away, or whether our past has already caught up with us. Armed with humour as its primary weapon, LYRRO – UT&INVANDRARNA is going to be a real wake-up call and a barrelful of laughs," says Director and Scriptwriter, Peter Dalle.

”With its risqué dry humour, the movie LYRRO – UT&INVANDRARNA will be an eagerly awaited return for anyone who has ever laughed out loud at the Lorry Gang's zany escapades. The majority of the original cast members are back and are joined by some of the brightest stars of Swedish comedy today. Joking about this totally absurd world we live in today is definitely no easy matter, but I'm convinced that Peter Dalle is going to deliver yet another Swedish classic," says Producer Patrick Ryborn of Unlimited Stories.

”The Sweden of 2017 is strikingly similar to what it was here in 1994, when its predecessor was released. Right-wing populist movements are once again on the rise, masses of people fleeing their homelands are seeking refuge in Sweden and the state of the world is generally unstable. It is about time to make Swedish cinema audiences laugh again and perhaps even see themselves in a new light. This is precisely the type of humour that we need in Sweden right now," says Klaus Odegaard, Nordic Marketing Director at Nordisk Film.

Photo: Mauro López for Zap PR

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