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MONKY: One of Sweden's most expensive family movies

The first production by film producers Unlimited Stories, MONKY, is to be one of the most costly and ambitious family movies produced in Swedish cinema history – ever. MONKY is a funny, fast-paced adventure for the whole family and a tribute to life in general. This feel-good film is directed by Maria Blom (Masjävlar) and produced by Patrick Ryborn (the Sune film series). The animation produced in creating the simian title character of the movie, Monky, is set to revolutionise the Swedish film industry. The main cast includes Julius Hugoson (the Sune film series), Frida Hallgren (Så som i himmelen) and Johan Petersson (of Swedish TV comedy series Partaj). MONKY will premiere in cinemas around the country at Christmas 2017.

"MONKY is a movie that I hope cinemagoers will find full of meaning, entertaining, breathtaking and funny, with plenty of room for laughter and tears – in other words, a real hit for the whole family. Everybody's going to want to have their own Monky living at home with them after watching this movie, that I promise," says Director Maria Blom.

"I have been waiting for the chance to work with Maria Blom for 10 years and the fact that the two of us and Scriptwriter Anders Weidemann have managed to make real a fantastic project such as MONKY is simply wonderful. A significant part of the production costs have gone towards making the character Monky as realistic and well-animated as possible. Although we have been working on the movie for three years, we have spent more than a year of that time on the conceptual images and we will be spending at least that long on scheduled post-production to make Monky 100% lifelike. Cinemagoers across Sweden and Scandinavia are going to be treated to a whole new level of animation and film production," says Producer Patrick Ryborn of Unlimited Stories.

”MONKY is an exciting and heart-warming project. It is a wonderful film that the whole family will want to watch. With Director Maria Blom, the Producer of the Sune film series Patrick Ryborn and Scriptwriter Anders Weidemann all at the helm of this ambitious project, we are convinced that this film will be total top-quality entertainment," says Klaus Odegaard, Nordic Marketing Director at Nordisk Film.

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