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Nouvago Capital invests in Helena Bergström’s epic drama film - Vilken jävla cirkus

VILKEN JÄVLA CIRKUS is the Epic drama film directed by the famous actor and filmmaker Helena Bergström. The film depicts serious subjects such as young love, troubled relationships and a slight touch of magic. 

Nouvago Capital has previously invested in Helena Bergström's critically acclaimed En underbar jävla jul - which became a huge success. VILKEN JÄVLA CIRKUS will feature experienced actors such as Molly Nutley (Helena’s daughter), Gustav Lindh, Evin Ahmad, Aliette Opheim, Johan Widerberg, Tomas von Brömssen, Vanna Rosenberg and Livia Millhagen. The movie will hit theaters 20th of October 2017.

Vilken Javla Cirkus.png
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