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Start-up company Foodflow wins prestigious 2017 entrepreneur of the future award for its groundbreaking platform Stockfiller

On Thursday evening, the winner of the prestigious 2017 Entrepreneur of the Future award was announced as start-up company Foodflow, represented by founders Jesper Jannesson and Christopher Jonsson, as well as the investors Nouvago Capital. This is the fourth consecutive year the Entrepreneur of the Future prize has been organised in a collaboration between major Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet and Carnegie. Each of the five finalists vying for the prestigious title had to present a seven-minute pitch to the jury members made up of prominent investors. The 150-strong jury then decided which of the finalists would take home the coveted accolade, awarded at a gala event attended by the likes of Carnegie CEO Björn Jansson and Swedish Minister of Enterprise and Innovation, Mikael Damberg.

Foodflow has launched the digital platform Stockfiller, which automates and streamlines grocery stores and the hotel, restaurant and café industry's stock ordering processes by pooling and simplifying trading with all suppliers not handled by the major chains' central warehouses. All order placement, invoicing, delivery and follow-up of external suppliers are now done via Stockfiller instead of by phone, mail or fax. Today, Stockfiller is used by more than 440 grocery stores and supermarkets and 80 suppliers, including prominent names such as Svegro AB and the ICA Maxi Megastore in Haninge (Sweden's biggest supermarket).

One particular supplier gave clear proof of how effective Stockfiller is by timing the product ordering process before and after using the platform: what once took 4 hours now only takes 13 minutes.

"It felt truly amazing to receive this award. Our Stockfiller concept wasn't always met with complete support, but this award speaks volumes: Stockfiller is a hugely popular platform in the grocery and supermarket industry. Put quite simply, we have seen how the continuity of our order flows has improved and how much smoother and cost-effective it is to place orders. The Swedish food industry today is double the size of the global music industry – we are confident that the future is in our hands," say Jesper Jannesson and Christopher Jonsson, the founders of Foodflow.

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