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Start-up company Foodflow reaches next milestone – More than 700 food retail stores are now using Stockfiller

Over 700 food retail stores throughout Sweden have now registered for the startup company Foodflow’s revolutionary digital tool called Stockfiller – more than double the number of stores that were registered six months ago. Stockfiller automates and simplifies the order flow for the food retail sector and the hotel, restaurant and café industry by gathering together and simplifying dealings with all suppliers that are not managed by the chains’ central warehouses. All order processing, invoicing, coordination of deliveries and follow-ups of external suppliers now occur via Stockfiller instead of by telephone, email or fax.

Just over a month ago, Foodflow was named the 2017 Entrepreneur of the Future; a prestigious competition initiated by Svenska Dagbladet and Carnegie. At that time, slightly more than 440 food retail stores and 80 suppliers were using Stockfiller – now this figure is in excess of 700.

“It is a fantastic feeling. We have always had great belief in our idea, but to see the customers taking so quickly to Stockfiller was something we could only dream about. It has shown us that Stockfiller is a truly needed and appreciated tool within the food retail sector, which makes us extremely satisfied and proud”, say Jesper Jannesson & Christopher Jonsson, the founders of Foodflow.

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Theo Smart